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Welcome To Lyra's Homepage

Lyra's Commands

Utility Commands:

{}Help Lists available commands

{}UserInfo Displays the user's information

{}ChannelInfo Displays the channel's information

{}RoleInfo [role-name] Displays info for the role

{}GenNumber [min] [max] Returns a random number

{}Timestamp Generates a timestamp with exact date and time and your timezone

{}Calculate (Problem1) Calculates things




{}24HInvite Generates a 24 Hour Invite // Infinite Uses

{}24HTempInvite Generates a 24 hour invite

// Then kicks members that joined with the invite & Infinite Uses

{}InfInvite Generates an invite with infinite time and uses

Fun Commands:

{}8ball (question) Ask the 8ball a question and it will magically predict the future

{}Bars [@user] Adds Bars on top of a users avatar 256x256

{}BotBars [@user] Bars But with a bigger image size 922x922

Moderation Commands:

{}Kick [@user] [reason] Kicks the mentioned user

{}Ban [@user] [reason] Bans the mentioned user

{}Mute [@user] [Time] Mutes the mentioned user (Time in Minutes)

{}Unmute [@user] Unmutes the mentioned user

{}DeleteChannel [#channel] Deletes the mentioned channel

{}DeleteRole [#channel] Deletes the mentioned role

{}Prune [#ofMessages] Deletes a bulk of messages